Below you can read our terms and conditions. These are what you agree to with every purchase on DailyMerch's website. The terms are non-negotiable and applicable at all times, including in cases involving PayPal or other private instances.

§ 1 GENERAL “We”, “our”, “ours”, “AndersSince06”, “Daily-Merch”, “Daily-Merch.dk”, “The Website” in these terms and conditions refer to DailyMerch.dk, owned by Dailyo ApS. “You”, “your”, “yours” refer to the customer or customers at DailyMerch. A customer is defined as the party purchasing a service or product from DailyMerch. “Their”, “its”, “they” refer to a 3rd party as a starting point. This list is not necessarily exhaustive, and even though it is applicable for the above-mentioned, any omitted terms should be interpreted in the most common sense - in this context.

§ 2 BUYER'S ACCEPTANCE By purchasing, you accept that you have read and understood, and agree to our terms and conditions, including but not limited to our return and shipping conditions, and other possible legal documents made available to you before the purchase, published by DailyMerch. Your acceptance of these documents is irrevocable. You also declare that you feel sufficiently informed according to the Consumer Contracts Act chapter 4, on the duty of disclosure, about, but not limited to: the company's name, the price of the goods, a description of the goods, and other significant conditions.

§ 3 DELIVERY Your item(s) are typically delivered with PostNord. In the ordering phase, you can choose between delivery to your address, or delivery to a PostNord parcel shop. As a starting point, you bear the shipping costs, which will be informed to you at the latest in the payment phase. It is your responsibility to enter correct delivery information.

§ 4 PRICES All stated prices include VAT and are in Danish kroner - unless otherwise clearly indicated. According to § 3 of these conditions, the initially stated price does not necessarily include possible shipping costs - these will, however, be clearly informed to you before your final payment.

§ 5 BUYER If you are under 18 years old, you must at all times have permission from your parent(s) or guardian(s) to make the purchase at DailyMerch. You also vouch for the accuracy of the information you have given us in connection with the purchase.

§ 6 THE PURCHASE In the payment phase, you have the option to choose between paying with PayPal - or with a credit card (and MobilePay). In both cases, we will normally withdraw the money immediately from your account - or at the latest upon dispatch. Please note that you are obligated to provide correct information, and DailyMerch cannot be held responsible for incorrect information or misunderstandings in the payment modules - unless specifically otherwise provided by applicable law.

§ 7 RESERVATIONS DailyMerch reserves the right for possible errors in stated prices or discounts on websites. Likewise, we reserve the right for errors in stock inventory, delivery status, and similar. In the case of, for example, but not limited to, an incorrectly stated price, the rules of Danish law apply as to whether the buyer should have recognized that the price could not be real. As a buyer, you should always, in cases where the price immediately appears to be an error, contact us to confirm whether it is an error or not.

§ 8 CANCELLATION AND COMPLAINT RIGHTS According to Danish law, you have a 14-day cancellation right. Your cancellation right starts from the day you have received the goods. For the cancellation right, it applies that the goods must appear as new if you wish to return them. If your goods do not appear as new, we can assess that there has been a depreciation, and thus you will only receive a partial refund. In cases where we assess the product as unsellable, we can refuse a refund - but we will offer you to get the product back (you may be asked to pay shipping costs for this). Generally, if you wish to use your cancellation right, you are responsible for bearing the shipping costs in connection with returning the goods to us - this follows from the Consumer Contracts Act § 24 para. 2. You can find a detailed guide on how to return a product HERE.

Note furthermore that regarding the complaint right, it applies to all purchases where the customer accepts a 'Merch Crate' without extra charge, that the customer automatically accepts that the acceptance of the offer entails a limited right of cancellation. If the purchased merchandise in such an order is desired to be refunded, 100 DKK will automatically be deducted for depreciation, provided that the Merch Crate has been activated on the Daily-Life server, according to the Consumer Contracts Act § 24 para. 5, considering that the Merch Crate and the merchandise are considered a combined purchase, with a combined value.

Likewise, according to Danish law, you have a 2-year right to make a complaint. Like the cancellation right, it applies that the right to make a complaint is only limited to the rights given to everyone by applicable Danish law. This includes, among other things, but not limited to, rules about reverse burden of proof during the first 6 months of a purchase, etc. A guide on how to use your right to make a complaint can likewise be found HERE.

For both cancellation and complaint rights, it applies, according to Danish law, that you have a duty to inspect goods upon receipt, and furthermore that certain types of complaints and cases about using the right of cancellation can be rejected, in cases where the buyer has misused the product in some way.

§ 9 PAYPAL As a customer, you can at any time complain to PayPal - in cases where you feel that you have been exposed to fraud, or that you have not received the product you purchased. As a customer, you submit to and accept that all disputes at PayPal are exclusively decided according to Danish law, and that the sovereignty of Danish law cannot be equated in any case.

§ 10 RESPECTIVE RIGHTS HOLDERS Minecraft is a trademark owned by Notch Development AB. PayPal, Buycraft, MasterCard, VISA, JCB, American Express, Maestro, VISA Electron, and Dankort - are all trademarks owned by their respective owners. Furthermore - trademarks, or copyright-protected names, marks, images, or other content - not owned by DailyMerch, also belong to their respective owners. DailyMerch is not associated with any of these.

§ 11 DISCLAIMER Stated delivery times, stock inventories, etc. can all, from time to time, be inaccurate - and therefore, reservations are made for such errors, in case these, for example, have force majeure as a cause. Generally, it also applies that DailyMerch is free of liability, to the extent permitted by law, for errors that occur as a result of 3rd party errors.

§ 12 SPECIAL CONDITIONS REGARDING 'MERCH- AND CHRISTMAS KEYS' For 'merch- and Christmas keys', it applies that these must not be purchased alone, but only together with physical merchandise. Due to technical circumstances, it is practically possible to buy these 'keys' individually, but in such cases, the purchase will immediately be canceled, under these terms and conditions, and the purchase amount refunded.

§ 13 SELLER The purchase is made at DailyMerch, which is owned by Dailyo ApS. Information about the seller can be found below:

AndersSince06, is owned by Dailyo ApS.

CVR: 40627375 - Frederikshavnsvej 86a, 9800 Hjørring.

PHONE: +45 42506265

For questions, we can be contacted at support@dailymerch.dk.

Disputes are settled by Danish courts, and according to Danish law.

That's the fine print! We hope you'll be really happy with your new merch :-)